Pollygarden Item care

The handmade ceramic products of Pollygarden are safe tableware that can be also timeless with your special attention.
The items can be used in a microwave and a dishwasher, but rapid change in temperature and impacts may cause cracks on the surface. The best portion of your attention is required.
Wash with a soft sponge after use.
The bottom of the pottery that is not glazed may leave its stain with contact of humidity so let it breathe after the wash and keep it dry.


We have contract with Korea Post EMS and shipping cost will calculated by delivery location.
We will ship your order 2-5days after the payment confirmed.
Delivery usually takes 5-7days but it may takes more depending on circumstances.

Taxes & Duties

Import fees, taxes, duties and additional fees may be charged to customers.
We are not responsible for these extra charges.

Return & Exchange

Product damage caused by customer or a simple change of mind regarding purchase is non-refundable.
That is because shipping fee is higher than our sevral produsts and it takes for a long time for ceramic products that sensitive to damage.
Therefore, please keep in mind the nature of our handmade products before making purchases.
If any defects are discovered, Pollygarden will be responsible for any return or exchange shipping charges.

Please Note

Unlike mugs that are manufactured in mass amounts in factories, our products slightly differ for each product.
Therefore, please keep in mind the nature of our handmade products before making purchases.
All products may have smudges, small scratches, rough texture, da가 spots, pinholes, glaze marks, and naturally round rims, which are all part of the handwork done by shaping and glazing

Return and Exchange Adress

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